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A cutting machine - Type XIIIa Sword
Another one of my latest creations: A classic type XIIIa Sword - This is a cutting machine. Before putting the finishing touches on the sword, I could not resist the temptation of testing her at cutting my ficus hedges with mostly 1 inch diameter branches. She was going in and out of the target effortlessly.

Specs are as follows:

Weight - 5 lb 3 oz
Total Length - 53 1/8 inches
Blade Length - 40 inches
Grip Length - 10 1/4 inches
Point of Balance - 5 inches from the guard
Center of Percussion - 26 inches from the guard
Blade Width - 2 inches
Blade Thickness - 0.260 inches
Steel - 5160 spring steel

I made the blade by stock removal and ground to a satin finish. The handle is dismountable, the cross guard and pommel are of mild steel and a 23K gold leafed reticulated brass insert decorates the pommel. The handle is leaather over chord, over wood and finished with brass bands and wire.

Your comments are welcome and are a source of inspiration for me.


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This sword looks nice,

5 lbs.- that's really quite hefty= I think this might be a bit much for me personally. It really doesn't look that heavy though by the photos.


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I think it looks great. I love the type XIII swords, they do cut!
Thanks guys for your comments.

Jeremy, I'm glad you brought up the matter of weight, which is a compromise in a complex number of several parameters.
Obviously, we shall admit that this is an enormous sword with a blade tapering down to 0.140 inches 5 inches from the tip. By grinding the blade some more and subsequently reducing the weight of the pommel, a few ounces can be taken off and still keep the blade reasonably rigid, a quality that I like in swords. Too much grinding for the sake of making the sword lighter, will result in a whippy blade.

I must admit that the reason I make swords as a hobby, is to have something different than what is available on the market. I already have a large collection of swords that are worth having. I am making what I can not readily buy.

Weight issues aside, that is some glorious design on the furniture.
Hmmm... given the lenght ( 134 cm if I calculated correctly ), the weight is actually not that bad IMO... I'd like to know how this beast handles.
Great work regarding both blade and fittings. Do you have a picture with something to compare the sword to, so I can get a better "feel" of the size?

Thanks & regards

That looks "perfect" to me. Considering the long blade length (this is really a "Great Sword" or two hander in terms of blade length and grip proportions in my opinion), the weight is high but still within the statistical weight range ( 3 to 6 lbs, many with shorter blades) of historical counterparts. Keeping the blade "stiff" while making it similar in weight to some other blade that is only 75% as long was probably not feasible. I am not sure of any specific reference, but seem to recall descriptions of historical two handers as being somewhat "whippy". I bet the long grip facilitates facilitates surprisingly good handling.
A beautiful sword with a beautiful hilt! I especially love the pommel insert. This sword probably handles better with two hands though.
Hey Guys, I do appreciate your positive feedback. It is very encouraging and definitely a good feeling. In a way, it makes me proud.

Thank you very much.

Micha, I'm planing on taking pictures of this beast next to something to give a realistic feel of the size, but I'm wondering next to what ? Any ideas ?
Come to think of it...held by an average-sized person is my favorite, next to several other different-sized weapons ( say, a longsword, a single-handed sword and a dagger ), my other idea to give a feel of weapon sizes.

Looking forward to seeing other ideas, too, of course. :)
I think it would look great next to an albion baron/duke or tritonia!
Good idea Jonathan.

I shall take care of that tomorrow morning. Thanks for the hint.
That is a gorgeous hilt.
Great looking sword can't wait to see some more pics
Well, here she is:

"The Beast" flanked from left to right by The Duke and The Baron of Albion.

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The blade deflection when holding horizontal.
Makes my Count look like a single hander :)
That is a truely awesome looking sword. The raw stats did not really register until I saw it between the two big Albion war swords :eek: . It has to have a pretty impresive blade presence even though in the first pictures it looks like the blade is narrow. That is just an optical illusion though because of the overall size of the blade. I am also impressed with the hilt of the sword. It is great to see what everyone is turning out currently. Definitely an exciting time. Keep up the awesome work.

Gorgeous sword, reminiscent of Jim Hrisulas to me, I love his brass wire wrapped grips. I would definately purchase this sword if it were available! I have a claymore made by Jim, 54" and it weighs similarly to your sword here. Keep up the good work!
My oh my, that is a beast of a sword. And it doesn't look like it either...I like it :) .
Thanks again guys for your good words.

As for Jordan's reference for purchasing, I can say that it can be made available, provided no rules and regulations of the forum that I respect, are being violated.

Thanks again
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