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PostPosted: Thu 27 Nov, 2008 8:20 pm    Post subject: Mercenary Taylor's Rhode's Bevor II         Reply with quote

Mercenary Taylor's Rhode's Bevor II: I find it very practical and more comfortable and versatile than the " standard " Bevor: Easier to breathe with it up or down, also the eye slots serve well as breath in the down or halfway down position and also give better situational awareness of what is in front of one as one can look down through the sights.

It's neat the way it folds almost like an accordion. Cool

Pushed way down as far as it will go it uncovers the face completely and let's one breathe and if in a midway position the sights are just at the right place to get air compared to the regular version of the Bevor that just blows one's breath back at one's face.

Situational awareness is also good in many different positions of the lames folded up or down or midway in combination with am Eyeslot Kettle Hat: If one tilts the Kettle Hat back on the head one can look up through the eyeslots, look through the gap between the rim of the Kettle hat and the top of the top lame, one can also look down through the eyeslots in the bevor.

Turtleling one's head by hunching shoulders or tilting one's head one can expand the available vision slits or react to an attack by minimizing the openings.

The construction is good and solid and the finish is the standard Mercenary Taylor's munitions finish which is fine with me for using armour ( Well, using in theory as I don't really fight in armour or joust, and I just mentioning this as some prefer a more finished appearance or very high end armour: But those cost a lot and have long wait times and I'm more interested in examining the design and use features of armour at the moment i.e. would have to win a big lottery to buy more than a few pieces of high end armour ! Might do this eventually for a good helm with high artistic merit. Wink Big Grin )

As usual, the time from ordering to delivery at my house was a question of days and not months or years with was is Allan's
excellent customer service. It being on sale is obviously a bonus. Cool

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