Wanted: good quality gladius
Hello Gentlemen, I'm new to myArmoury! It's a great site.

Could someone help me with finding a good quality gladius of any type or make. I'm only looking to spent about $500

Thank you

They're a little above your stated price but my absolute first choice would be www.albion-swords.com. Look under the Next Generation Line.

I hope to eventually get a Fulham or a Mainz patter Gladius from Albion but what I really want is an authentic Xiphos reproduction. If Albion comes out with one of those, I'll start saving my pennies and dimes.
Hello and welcome to myArmoury. :) I've moved your post out of our Marketplace forum. The Marketplace is only for communications between potential buyers and sellers of used items. Since it seems you want advice and help, the Off-Topic Talk forum is one where you can get some good discussion and advice.

I'd recommend this used gladius, available in the Marketplace. It's listed at $550, which is $150 off the new price for a great little sword.
This might be what you're looking for.
Both good suggestions the Albion is pricier but is a sharp and Albion is one of the top end makers and used it's a little more affordable.

The Del Tin is also of good if slightly lesser quality and normally unsharpened but Kult of Athena has a sharpening service and they are a very efficient and reliable vendor with great customer service.
The Del Tin seems a little less historically accurate than Albion's offering, though it is attractive and reasonable priced. There's also the Valiant Armoury gladii, which have features with questionable accuracy. I mentioned the Albion because I happened to remember that one from the Marketplace and knew it was near the price range she was after. :)
Already mentioned: The Del Tin and the Valiant Armory "Actium". Both are of very good quality and will serve you well. As for historical accuracy concerns, neither sword is quite perfect. The DT has a steel "gaurd plate", which is inaccurate, and the VA's blade is fullered, which, while attractive, doesn't seem to be quite accurate either. Still, good swords that are otherwise mostly accurate. The VA sword comes sharp.

There is also the Kris Cutlery gladius. This is a Pompeii-pattern sword, which is also mostly accurate (the grip is a bit large, and it has an exposed "gaurd plate"). It's an excellent cutter (thruster too), and it comes quite sharp.

KC: http://kriscutlery.com/documents/medieval.html

Or, you could hold out for a used Albion. Some older ones show up every once in a while.
Hey Jen,

What sort of use will this gladius be put to? Will it be a display piece? Will it be used in reenactment, for cutting, or for mock combat of some specific sort? For education or for entertainment? I think if you answer all those questions, even vaguely, we can help you pick out just the right one for the money. :)

The VA Actium is not really a run of the mill gladius, its based an the earlier and longer Hispaniensis form. Though I am a huge fan of VA products, I would not recommend this for a first time gladius buy. The pommel is large, which makes it difficult for some people to use and the blade is very long.

Del Tins are nice, but they are going to require a considerable amount of time and effort to bring it up to par. For the time and effort invested, the Albion would be the better investment in the end for roughly $200 more new.

In matter of accuracy, I'd stay away from Windlass, Gen II, and Deepeeka. (Granted, Deepeeka does have some good looking components, scabbards, and such which could be salvaged and reused on the project I will mention below.)

In this case, I would recommend getting a heat-treated bare Albion Fulham blade and creating your own. You would only need a piece of bone, a litlte brass sheeting, and an inexpensive chunk of your choice of hardwood. The tools required are really only a saw, a few files, a drill, and sandpaper. It would be a great project to make the perfect gladius the exact way you want it and save a great deal of money. And, you weapon would be a unique expression if yourself! :)

Let us know what you decide!
Bare blade or finished sword,
nice stuff,all round,

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