Mr Barta has been busy again!
Feast your eyes:
stunning as always, I only have 2 years left on my wait!
OK, you've made me jealous! :D

Seriously, that sword is amazing. I've been toying with the idea of putting an order in with Mr. Barta. I would love a pattern welded viking sword like this (although your Sutton Hoo sword ain't too shabby either). Every detail of that sword is remarkable. It's better than some originals I would say!

All I can say is wow!
I think it is the prettiest Viking sword I have ever seen. Only Rob Miller's Suontaka may be close to it.


If I keep watching it I think envy will make me get an ulcer :\ .

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That is quite extraordinary.

Does anyone out there know how the wire inlay on the hilt was executed?

That is stunning,

Makes me almost consider placing a second order on his list to follow my current wait of 2.5 years.

I don't have a viking sword and the one I am commissioning from Patrick is not so. . .

Leo Todeschini wrote:

Does anyone out there know how the wire inlay on the hilt was executed?


I don't know how Mr. Barta did that one but the way I do it (also one of the traditional ways) is chiseling out a V groove then under cutting the edges with another chisel. Next you take the annealed wire and lay it in the groove and carefully hammer in. It takes forever to do a piece like that.

Well done, truely a beautiful piece.
Jeans very nice new sword,
he mentioned this the other night when we were discussing Rob's Sountaka sword,
Beautifull sword,
hopefully he'll share it here soon,lots of pics, :cool:
.....and again! Several new swords on this page, including a new 3rd century Roman, seventh century Danish and at least one Celtic sword:

Thanks to Dave Huggins for pointing them out to me.


The new celtic sword (134) is for me. I will try to post some pictures when I will receive it.

Best regards
Exquisite pieces. I had to wipe the drool off my keyboeard before I could type this mind you. I wish I knew that I could afford to get on Mr. Barta's list but I can see no way. Hopefully the Euro will continue to decline versus the Euro or I come into a boat load of money.

Xavier B.,
You are a very lucky man. Congratulations on a great looking sword.

Thanks Scott. I have to wait until the end of the next week. It's so long!
You are welcome Xavier. I think waiting for our toys is the worst part. Please be sure to post more pictures after you receive it.


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