I read some datas about the ranges of renaissance artillery in the book"The Renaissance at War"by Thomas Arnold, quoting from Eugenio Gentilini's 1598 artillery writing "Instructions for Artillery", the unit here is "pace",and the Mr. Arnold states that the pace here is "'natural walking pace' of two steps, each of two and a half statutory feet, remembering that the 'foot' varied by jurisdiction, a pace can be thought of as a littile less than a modern English yard0.91m"

So I'm a little confused as if this is just the case then a Venetian statutory feet should be 0.9m/5=0.18m, and IMO it's too short compare to English and other foot, and I can't recall a previous impression that a "pace" is considered as 2 steps,when I read some tactic writings about Napoelonic Era, a pace roughly equal to 0.6m.