Kettle helmet with a faceplate?
Someone in our reecanctment club has asked me about a kettle helmet with a faceplate he saw at a shop. I've been doing some research but I can't find any examples of this helmet being historical. The faceplate looks like an SCAism or a fantasy design, not something based in history.

Does anyone know more about this design? If it does turn out to be historical, I'd love to know which century it was used.

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Kettle helm with (removable) faceplate from Kovex Ars.
it looks functional. and its way more cool than a simple kettlehat. i bet if i lived in that age i would make a helmet looking just like that. that are reasons enough for me to wear it today.

oh, and
The only "face plate" that I can think of with a chapel-de-fer is how they were able to wear them (sometimes) over smaller bascinets that may have had a wird throat guard bit and maybe even a nasal attached to the bascinet...
If that makes sense... :\
Hi Sander,

this is a fantasy-piece, but I remember of an historic example of a kettlehat with a similar kind of integrated bevor/visor from the late 14th century (? - I'm not sure) of French or British origin. Unfortunately I can't find a picture of this piece at the moment, but I will post it, if I found it. Maybe, somebody will be faster...

You will find a drawing of this construction here:


I had seen something similar in Mytholon (a shop of LARP stuff)
Iagoba Ferreira wrote:
I had seen something similar in Mytholon (a shop of LARP stuff)

... yes, this one is similar, but it's a real bad "reproduction" of this type.


Thanks so far. Our reenactment group is doing 1250-ish Hospitallers. The faceplate on the kettle helm is removable so I told my friend that he can use it without the faceplate at least.

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