Salet XIV century
A am looking for any information about XIV century salet from France. I found some information in Violet le duca. Probably it is in any french museum.

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It is probably a flight of fancy form his imagination. Violet leDuc was famous for portraying armour as he wanted it to be rather than how it actually was. He was a pioneer but you cannot trust his sketches.
Viollet Le Duc is also responsible for some un-scientific, fancy restoration of medieval buildings ... well in the company of other architects of his time.

Romanticism re-discovered the middle ages with much enthusiasm and a nice superficiality, giving origin to many of the distortions that are still popularized today (knights being lifted by cranes, swords weighing like spades etc).
Thanks for your help.
Doug, it can't be a flight of fancy from Mr Viollet-Le-Duc 's imagination as the last line of the page refers to an anonymous work, and the rest of his text is a criticism of the design saying specifically that such a design could not work well and that this design did not last long. Why make up a design just to explain why it would not work?
I think it more probable that he came across this design in another person's work, reproduced and commented upon it in the negative way I have mentionned.
Viollet-Le-Duc's main weakness is the failure to go systematically after original sources, thus incorporating other peoples errors within the compass of his own work. Where he does have access to primary sources, and works from them, his own reports are quite usefull, but I agree with you that one has to be quite carefull when using him as a reference, and take the time to check out what he was working from when he wrote his text. In this particular case, he seems to be referring to an the work done by some anonymous author.
IMHO i think this is more XV century...
Jean-Carle Hudon
I think you are wrong. It is not Violets's imagination. I find this one and few similar helmets on picture from XIV century. Italian.

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