Hi all

It's been some time now that I've been wandering through the various museums and other arms and armour collections in Europe, studying this, marveling at that.

It's often occurred to me that I would bring home in my memories the things that would stand out and remain. Sometimes it would be the prominent features and key elements of the arms and armour-related knowledge out there. Other times, it would be the contrary: things that have disappointed me or at least not left me totally satisfied, whether in terms of access to the objects or the way they were treated.

Therefore, I thought I could ask the very knowledgeable and, even more important to me, very enthusiastic people here what their thoughts could be.

To make things simpler, let's keep it centered on Medieval swords (in the broader sense: Vth to XVth centuries), as it may be the most common center of interest here:

What would be, according to you, the ideal sword exhibition?

What would it include in terms of features and also in terms of objects?

And, more than anything else, what swords would you want to include in your ideal catalogue? After all, that's the point of such an exhibition, right? (pun intended) Which ones would represent the best all aspects of the sword in the European Middle Ages?