A & A Rapier
For all of you rapier enthusiasts, the venerable Patrick Kelly asked if I would post these
images for him, and also wrote that if anyone had any questions, to feel free emailing him ...

[ Linked Image ]
[ Linked Image ]
[ Linked Image ]

His thoughts on the piece :


The rapier has a very nice, solid feel to it and a very nice balance as well. Fit and finish are
also very good. In other words, a typical A&A rapier.

I asked Craig to do a bit of extra decorative work on the hanger and I like the result. While A&A
included one of their standard leather sheaths the scabbard shown is from a Hanwei rapier
but happens to fit this sword.

A very sleek, keen little item, I think you'll agree ... B-)
The inner fop in me reaches out for that one. It's easy to get used to thinking of Patrick in 11th century garb and forget that he is a rapier enthusiast as well. It is handy to have scabbards that fit other blades but I always seem to find myself at least a couple short.


i would love to get a scabbard and frog for my rapier, yours is beautiful, what else can I say?
Oh, that's a lovely rapier! The A&A Lombardy is one of my favorites, and one (among many) on my short list of "need to have." Great job on the hanger as well!
A&A Rapier
Very nice set. I have the Italian three ring and the Lombardy and am considering having a custom scabbard made that will fit both of these blades. The A&A rapier belt is very nice and will add one to my collection in the near future. For every day use, subject to the dings and scuffs of campaign duty, I'd like to use a plain suspension rig and an inexpensive scabbard that can be replaced if damaged. Would Patrick please let us know what Hanwei rapier model uses a scabbard that can be used with these blades? I've never had damage to one of my swords in the field, but the scabbards can take some cosmetic damage from normal transport and daily use. This would be a solution to my problem.
For years, I've been mesmerized by A&A's rapiers. I'm a proud owner of an A&A German rapier, so I can tell you that these particular pieces need to seen to be fully appreciated. I don't think even the most meticulous photograph can quite do them justice, although those pictures are outstanding! Very nice piece. Thanks for sharing! :D

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