Are any replica Lucerne Hammers available?

I have a deep respect for Lucerne Hammers which I can't explain. I really like the one shown here in the Spotlight article about the medieval poleaxe. It's identified as being from a private collection.

I am hoping to get a replica poleaxe one day from A&A, but it sure would nice to have a Lucerne hammer too. It's a vicious looking polearm. I fear a custom order would need to be placed with A&A or Eric McHugh, butthat would probably mean lots of $$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!

While I am speaking about polearms, can someone explain how the heads were attached to the shafts? I don't quite follow the Spotlight article's explanation. How were the heads the made?
I'm sure there are folks who would disagree with me, but in my opinion if you bought the MRL Bec de Corbin and remounted it on a nice long haft, you would end up with an inexpensive lucerne hammer. I think the spike is long enough to qualify as a lucerne hammer.
I kinda noticed that as well John. This one is also available though I dont have any real information on it
I'd really recommend going straight to the A&A pole axe and skipping the bec.

That's just me though.
While not exactly a Lucerne hammer, it looks like Manning Imperial has a poleaxe available and in stock: (as of this post)


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Nice complete Lucern Hammer by Lutel
Is this what you had in mind? Lutel calls it a war hammer, but it's about as close as I've seen to a good Lucern Hammer without the spikes looking flimsy. A tad pricey, but you get a completely finished weapon.

Number in catalogue 17010
Name Two-Handed War Hammer
Description Italy - end of 15th century Striking spikes, wooden shaft, lower part coiled round a leather strap. Total length 120 cm, breadth 42 cm.
Price 7900,- CZK

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Trying to make one
I am trying to make one for a friend as a birthday gift. I found an odd hammer at a garage sale that is hefty and has a cross pattern in the head of it, when I asked around people thought it may have been for creasing metal. But attaching spikes may be an issue. But finding a hammer head like this one may be an inexpensive start.

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