polish armourer
Hey everyone. I recently had to reboot my computer and lost all of my website links including a link to a polish armourer who made the most beautiful helmets. I just can't seem to find the website again,so if anyone has an idea of who I am talking about please sent me the link to the site...


Could it be Thorkil?

Yes,that's exactly the one I was looking for. Great

thanks Martin
While on the topic of Poland, last year we stopped to see the Teutonic Knight castle at Gniew. Nice spot - they also had a jousting range and apparently an armory where they make swords. Unfortunately I did not see them or talk to anyone relevant because, ironically, they were off that day in a huge 1000-person re-enactment of the final defeat of the Teutonic Knights.

Had I known...talk about a near miss!

On the same trip we went to see Malbork, the reconstructed headquarters of the Teutonic order in their latter hey-day. This was the biggest castle in Europe in the 14th century. Frickin' un-believable - a castle the size of a University with a Cloister in the center. Even my wife - who is usually merely tolerant of this stuff - was impressed and had fun.

It's a must see in Europe. Also there were a few neat T.K. imprints in Gdansk, which is a beautiful city.


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