Engraving My Wedding Sword
Hey all,

I'm getting married in October, and as part of my tux, i am going to be wearing a US Calvery sword.
In edition, my grooms men will be darning the same sword, but "I" need to stand out frm them.

The US Calvery sword, has a very plain basket type hilt, unlike its brother the ,UCS Calvery sword, that has etchings and engravings on the basket type hilt. The confederates liked the fancy swords (should have spent the money on cannon's guys!).

Well...to get to my point, i want my sword to stand out, so i was thinking of getting the brass hilt etched or engraved. I'm not into putting my initals, or a quote or saying on it, i want adornments. The closest i could come to finding what i want was on a website that engraves hand guns. (http://www.thegunengraver.com/). I'm in the process of sending an email to this website to see if they will do my sword, but in the mean time...anyone have ideas?

greatly appreciated!

wait a sec... you can have wedding swords???

my God man, that's brilliant!

I think the whole wedding and for that matter everything afterwards is for the wife. i should get at least one part.

I definitely want to enter either the church or the isle under crossed swords. make it the isle. the door should have two guards with halberds.
Wedding Swords...
My first sword wasn't until after I was married and was bought for me by my wife...
How does your bride feel about this?
A firearm engraver may be your best bet. You probably want to shop around, I doubt they're cheap.

You could also check with Erik Stevenson at http://www.phoenixmetalcreations.com/
I'm not sure if he can do what you're interested in but he's done some nice sword work.

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