This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I have three pieces of armor from Mercenaryís Tailor up for sale. Theyíve only been worn a few times and never been hit before so they are in otherwise excellent condition. They mostly just sit in my room on display. Iím looking for a harness of a different period so Iím selling these.

Pauldrons- pictures can be seen at:

Comes with a buckle at the top to strap onto a gorget. Retails for $211US.

15th/16th Century Gorget- pictures seen at:

Comes with straps to attach pauldrons onto as well as longer straps to attach arm harness to. The gorget should fit necks up to 18 inches. Retails for $211US.

16th Century Arms- pictures at:

Upper cannon fits biceps up to 16 inches without padding. Lower cannon fits forearms near the wrist at the tightest setting 8.5 inches and 11 inches near the elbow. The strapping can be loosened up a bit to fit larger forearms or accommodate padding. Has both eyelets and a buckle attached to the upper cannon so the arm harness can be pointed to an arming doublet or strapped to a gorget. Retails for $303US.

I can post pictures of the armor if requested, but they look almost exactly like the photos on the Mercenaryís Tailor website.

Iíd like to sell these pieces for how much I paid for them, except Iím including shipping for them to locations in Canada and U.S.

Pauldrons- $211US shipping included
Gorget- $211US shipping included
Arms- $303US shipping included

Willing to sell all three pieces together for $700US including shipping.

I prefer PayPal for payment (add 3%), but Iím willing to accept money orders.

Thanks for looking.