Jake Powning
Does any one know how to get a price list for Jake Powning swords?

I very much would like to order one, but find information on his web site to be scarce. I am looking for specifications, and prices, wait time, available blades, etc..?
How about asking him directly (click "order" to email him for an estimate)?

Or doing a bit of internet sleuthing to look at his old available piece prices? For example, a pattern-welded viking sword for $2800 US, or a wootz blade for $5000 US?

Those are just some examples. I really think option #1, "email him and ask," is the most logical. :) Please post pics if you get anything by him, he does beautiful work in a very distinctive style and it is always a treat to see his carving skills realized.
I had the pleasure of spending a week with Jake earlier this year and found him to be a very approachable guy (and good to have a beer with) again just ask. Jakes work is so varied though that looking at previous pieces may not really enlighten you as to a price for what you have in mind so contacting him is really the only way to know.

Be sure to mention 'Boudiccas Beard' to get an even better price for amazing work.

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Mr. Powning doesn't really have a price list per se, rather his pieces are all one of a kind and he prices them according to the work and materials he has in them.

Also so far as I know (unless this has changed recently) Mr. Powning no longer accepts commissions, but rather he is working through his backlog (or may be done now for all I know) and is building what interests him and then selling it. He certainly doesn't lack for buyers so he is in the enviable category of sword makers that can do this. You might float your idea past him and he might be interested in it, then again perhaps not. :)

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