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Mid-15th Century suit of tilting armour (sans helmet and gorget)-

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Made to fit a 6' tall, 275lb person.

Kit includes:

Breast/Back - made by GK Armoury - to fit a 52" chest (with gambeson), 46" waist (I wear a XXXL/T dress shirt) - is drilled to fit a bolt on grande gard (and has a couple of minor dents)

Pauldrons - made by Armour and Castings - made with what I figure is 13ga (these thngs are bullet proof!) great for jousting without shield.

Arm harness - custom made by Mercenary Tailor - made to fit 19" arms with padding.

Leg harness - made by Mercenary Tailor - I have rather big thighs and these fit relatively tightly.

Frontal Greaves - made by Mercenary Tailor - these are simply awesome greaves.

Finger gauntlets - made by Armour and Castings - great gauntlets that have served me well.

Maille Brayette - made by Lonewolf Chainmaille - attached to leather belt with period buckle.

Asking $1300 + shipping. I have retired from jousting and am only keeping my Steel Mastery helm.

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better pic of pauldrons and gauntlets