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Alexander B.

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PostPosted: Sat 18 Feb, 2017 5:51 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

I always wonder, why seemingly the "effective range" of bows is considere to extend as far as the arrows fly.
Yet with muskets, suddenly effective range includes the ability to reliably hit a target of a given size.

A period quote about a common soldiers musket states that it "will strike the figure of a man at 80 yards. It may even at 100"

Which is usually then dismissed and whittled down until everyone agrees you can't hit a barn door reliably beyond 50 yards. AT BEST.
So the effective range of the musket is agreed upon to be no more than 50 yards, even if the musket balls fly several hundred yds and can maim and kill along the way.

A Musket Ball fired level has no trouble reaching 100 yards, and may hit the ground as 120 or 130. The drop at 200 yds. is very roughly 5 or 6 ft. which requires only a little elevation by the musketeer.

Also, many muskets, contrary to common believe, HAD sights. Some only front sights, some front and rear sights. But they were there. The (perceived) absense of sights on firearms is taken to mean they cannot possibly be meaningfully aimed.

Yet the same proponents often claim an archer without ANY sights can hit a cigarette box at 150 yards by looking/aiming along the arrow.

I have yet to receive a satisfying explanation why it is possible to look and aim along a stick of wood at some 20-30 of elevation, yet looking along a straight tube of iron some 4-5 ft. long with 0-5 elevations is not humanly possible.


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