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For sale is the Cranach Sword, made by the Czech swordsmith Pavel Moc, with a matching leather scabbard and belt. Sword grip and scabbard are in black leather.
This offer is only valid in Europe, not US, as mail of a parcel longer 120 cm is prohibitively expensive across the Atlantic!

Overall length 121 cm.
Blade length: 91 cm.
Fuller length: 52 cm.
Blade width (at crossbar): 3.9 cm
Blade: HRC 49-50 steel
Weight: 1.517 kg

I ordered the sword sharp, but it is not as sharp as the Albions, more like a practice sword, but too dangerous for that. The blade is surprisingly flexible, and the sword has a weight distribution much towards the pommel. In fact it is moved best as a one-hander, despite its long grip.
It has a wonderful piece of metalwork at the crossbar to protect the knuckles and thumb (see pictures).

If you want to know more about its creator, Pavel Moc, check out his website:

I would ask for 300 for the sword and 100 for the scabbard with belt (the sword goes in conjunction with the leather items).
Posting has to be paid for by the purchaser. An oversized parcel within Europe is in the order of 37.

Payment please by PayPal or transfer to my bank account.

If you are interested or have questions, please PM or send an email to


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