Contest: Swords and Hilt Weapons giveaway
Win a copy of Swords and Hilt Weapons
Contributing Authors: Michael D. Coe, Peter Connolly, Anthony Harding, Victor Harris, Donald J. LaRocca, Anthony North, Thom Richardson, Christopher Sprint and Frederick Wilkinson

We're making good on our promise to get books in the hands of this community! I've purchased a copy of this popular book, Swords and Hilt Weapons, and am giving it away to one lucky member. This volume is a good overview of the subject of swords, and despite this overview nature and the lack of highly detailed academic information, it's an essential piece is any collector's library. The book is rife with color photos of the weapons of many cultures and periods of time as well as historical paintings showing them in use.

This is a used copy of this out-of-print book. Minor Jacket damage otherwise in like-new condition. Hardbound with dust jacket: Approx 11 1/2" x 11", 239 pages, Fully Illustrated. Copyright 1996

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As a weapon the sword is obsolete, but nevertheless it survives as an object of potency and beauty, a perfect alliance of form and function. Most peoples have had recourse to the sword at some time in their history, and similar needs have led to convergences in design. The Conquistadors were quick to notice the parallels between their swords and the deadly but technologically primitive macuauhuitl of the Aztecs, and both the kora of Nepal and the ilwoon of Zaire have a flaring blade tip to give extra weight to cutting blows. No book has covered, so comprehensively, nearly 4,000 years of sword-making history or paid due attention to the hilt weapons of Africa, Mesoamerica, China, Central Asia and Indonesia, which merit more than a few lines they usually receive in weapons encyclopedias. However, on the grounds of technical excellence, cultural significance and evolutionary vigor, pride of place is given to European, Japanese and Islamic swords. The text included in this book, provides expert appraisal of the weapons themselves, and is rich in historical and background detail. This superbly illustrated survey of a vast body of craftsmanship, compiled by a team of arms and armor specialists, will surely be enjoyed equally by the collector, the weapons historian and by lovers of history and the fine arts.

The used copies of this title currently available at and Barnes and Noble are listed with prices ranging from $80-$115 US.

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