About Generation 2 and Darksword armoury
HI guys

Is my third post in this forum :) I was wondering to buy a new sword in this summer. I put my eyes on the
Generation 2 Stage steel swords, says they are very strong. I like the Darkswords armoury swords too, but I couldn't find
any website until I found swords of valor. I called them, and ask them about it. Their answer was the Darkswords armoury
swords are HRC 53, and generation 2 stage steel are about HRC 49. Can anyone tell me the difference between
HRC 49 and HRC 53? Does it make a huge difference? many thanks.

It's a measure of the hardness of the steel. I'm assuming 53 is harder then 49, though I couldn't tell you how big the difference is.
HRC 49 is about average for swords. 53 is a bit on the hard side, but because the darksword swords are well tempered it results in a very tough sword that isn't brittle. One of the things that can happen when a sword gets to hard is it gets brittle. Also since the gen 2 blunts have rounded tips, that might be a factor as some groups don't allow sharp tipped blunts. Also hanwei makes some decent blunt from what I have heard for around a 100 bucks if you look around. Also valiant has their new practical line of blunts. While expensive-ish(compared to the hanwei or gen 2...but comparible to a darksword), they look to be very nice...and also have rounded tips.

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