Cainmail form India
Hello everyone,

I' m new here and I have some questions for you more experienced guys.
I come from Poland and in fact not many people know about the possibilty of buying riveted chaimail from India.

Recently I come across an offer from an Indian manufacturer of chaimail shirt made of riveted rings at the price of around 250 us dollars plus 100 dollars for shipping. I'm thinking about buying some because this price is about 1/4 the price you can get in Poland.

Does enyone of you have some experience with Indian dealers or manufactures?
Are they reliable? What is the quality of their chainmails?
Can you recommend any particular company?

thanks for reply
Well, the hauberks at wholesale armor have gotten some decent feedback from a few guys here. Other than that, I don't know of any "cheaper" makers.

Where did you find it for 250?

I sent some emails to couple of companies, and got some answers from them.
I can say something more when I get home in the evening, because I don't have my email history here.
As I remember one of the manufacturers was:

The price was from 238 $ to 242$ for a riveted mild steel chainmaile, elbow long sleeves, knee length, L size, flat rings, wedge rivets,

I can answer more precisely when i get home.
I've heard some good things about these guys at Find-It Armoury as well.


One guy at The Armour Archive said that the shirt his squire had purchased had no bad rivets, which is really something when you hear things about other Indian Mail shirts. I've heard of people having to replace a third of the rivets when they get a shirt.
I found one on for 250€. The rings are out of 1.5mm round Wire and 8mm in (inner) Diameter. They are galvanized and pin riveted. The homepage is in german only and there is a lot cheap armor junk. I first chose a more harsh word than junk, but i donīt want to upset someone ;) . There is a close view of the rings also.
The quality of chain maile i wanīt is only affordable for me if made by myself.

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