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Peter Bosman

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PostPosted: Fri 28 Mar, 2008 1:35 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

[quote='Lafayette Curtis']Military writers in the 19th century debated the utility of the cuirass, with some saying that it's not really worth much while others maintain that it was still useful against the enemy's swords and bayonets--but interestingly, both camps largely agreed that the cuirass made the wearer braver in the attack, especially against infantry.[/quote]

Being a GREAT example!

Our western society simply states that a sword is well made if it fives the swordsman confidence. Taoism attributes this to the sword as THAT gives confidence thus IS confidence giving.
Neither is wrong and both are entirely logical ways to look at it yet 'we' tend to classify the taoist perception as myth whereas that is OUR lack of mental flexibility as it IS true that such a sword has that effect Idea

It is btw also a good example concerning saftey helmets and horse riding. It is a lot more beneficial in giving a feeling of safety, thus confidence, thus better riding, this safety then the safety it actually provides. In fact, the confidence will lead to less safe conduct leading to greater risc taking thus more accidents: the relativisafetytheory Laughing Out Loud
Example: a curassier would be more prepaired to face enemy fire whereas he would be killed by a bullet just as likely. Many a horse rider would not dream of jumping without a helmet yet riding witout is less of a risc than jumping with. In both cases the safety clothing increases risc Idea
In a taoist perception these safety props would easily be seen as 'misleading' things and they are becaus they do mislead the user. It is very easy to envisage a cuirass that feels invinceable yet is only wellfitting and shiny whereas the easy worked material is rather soft thus penetrable. This cuirass would be 'the great misleader' Wink
Same thing 1500$ jumping helmets used by competition eventers that broke their neck Sad

Between myth and fact lies a world of perception that is ignored by the western way of thinking.

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