Missing Swordsmith? (Looking for Angus Trim)
Hi All,

I have been a long time lurker/researcher here and love this site for its rich content and knowledge base. I donít post much simply because I suffer from a perpetual shortage of time but I do find this a wonderful place to come and collect relevant swordsmanship related information as well as relax and enjoy friendly conversations between enthusiasts when I do have a few minutes to spare.

I have a bit of a concern and not knowing where else to inquire I was hoping someone from the collective community here might be able to help me.

I havenít heard from Angus Trim in while and Iím worried and hoping that he is OK. I ordered some swords from him, gosh, it must be well over a year ago now and boy was I was excited when he finally mentioned that at least part of my order would be ready by the weekend of 4W! That weekend came and went and I never received the sword he said would be ready. After a couple of weeks went by I contacted him via email to find out what happened. Now usually Gus is swift to reply, typically within 24 hours and when I didnít hear back I sent another note one a day or two later. No response. Curious at his silence, I sent another one after a couple of days. Nearly a week has gone by now and still no word from him. Iím worried that something has happened and I donít have any other way to get a hold of him except through the email or phone number listed on his website. Iím hoping that someone here may know him more personally and that they might be able to help me with a working phone number or some solid way to get a hold of him.

Iíve had a fair amount of money tied up in this order for a lot longer than he and I originally discussed and at this point I simply want to get this order completed or my money refunded. Iím starting to get in trouble with the Missus over this order and I canít have my hobby getting me in trouble with the Boss or itís likely to be curtains for that hobby!

If anyone can help Iíd greatly appreciate it.

Gus is fine,

I would try to reach out to him again, perhaps he will see this post.

Good luck.
Angus has been up to his eyeballs in work for the last several months. So it isn't surprising that he's been hard to get a hold of.

That being said, he does post on here from time to time, so you might want to send him a PM here.
Hi Scott,

Gus and I usually chat or email about once a week. But since the end of January...maybe first of February...he's been so focused on catching up old orders, getting his various sale swords completed, trying to do final finish grinding outside when it's winter in Washington, keeping a few Maker's Mark swords flowing to Christian Fletcher, and simultaneously trying to get over a bad cold/flu, that I haven't even tried calling him. And the one email I sent went unanswered for a week or two, until yesterday.

I know he's working frantically to catch up. But an email might be appropriate about now...

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