Almost there
After about four years of visiting the Jody Samson Katana on the web site, I am sitting in my office waiting for its arrival. UPS tracking indicates that today is, in fact, the day. I feel like I am going to be visited by a famous celebrity, or like I hear Santa coming down the chimney.

This is a sword I bought because I wanted it purely. I collect European swords, not Katanas. It's a purchase of straight up I have to have this sword, no logic, just because I love the sword.

Being a sword afficionado has great secret pockets of happiness other people just do not get. I will post again when it arrives, Today, any minute....
Congratulations. I hope by now your doing what I imagine most do on ' new arrival ' day. Spent more than a few idle moments looking over that page myself and I've never been particularly enamoured with katana's.

Just remember. Unless that office is situated in a company that you yourself own you will have to sit it down ever so often and at least pretend to be doing something productive, from the companies point of view that is.
Congrats! I've always liked the Jody katana, too. There's something about its aesthetics that pleases me, not to mention it looks to be a darn fine functional cutter and probably quite powerful in the thrust, too. All in all, it appears to be a well-rounded blade (not literally of course, since we are talking about pointy things!).

I have a sword of Jody's myself, and I remember what it was like knowing that "today is the day." I'd be interested to see how it handles when you get it. Please keep us updated!
A Big CONGRATULATIONS Tony! I know "Exactly" what you are saying in the "I Have To Have This Sword!" From there the words in my head went something like this:

I Just Have To Have It, I don't care how much it costs, It's not going to be cheap that's for sure, where am I going to get the money, well I'll get the money up over time and pay on it as the months go by in waiting. If I don't get this sword! <~~~
No that's not even a consideration, I HAVE To Have "THIS" Sword :!:

Which sword was it that drove me to such extreme obsession regardless of the sacrifices to get it?

The Albion "VASSAL" :!:

If something happened and I was "forced" to have to give up every sword I own but three, and I have about 20 swords including the rapier. That's right, I have so many swords I am not sure if it's 20 (including 2 rapiers, one I bought for my wife, so that stays and is not included with what I have to give up in this fictional Nightmare! . :lol: 14 are High End, 11 from Arms & Armor, 2 From Albion and 1 From Del Tin.

Other than my wife's Arms & Armor Customized German Rapier (Very High Detail to Hilt!)

I would have to keep the Del Tin (because this is the first sword I ever ground and it came out perfect)!

The Arms & Armor German Bastard Sword (because it's the first sword I ever owned and it took me 2 years to decide, so therefore it's sacred)!

The Albion "Vassal" (Because it has an overwhelming powerful impact on me at first sight of the artwork and my love and obsession for this sword has only grown over time, I can't be without the Vassal! That is asking too much!

So I completely understand where your coming from on this "Jody Samson Katana" Tony!
Makes all the sense in the world to me :!:


Let us know when you get it, please. Because I am personally very excited for you, because I can relate in how I felt about the Vassal!
Jody Samson sword
Hey Tony,

Just have to chime in and say I feel the same way. How I remember waiting for my last Jody sword to arrive! That was one unproductive day (not to mention a sleepless night before!). You'll not be disappointed - Jody makes one fine weapon. I simply love my Farseer Leafblade, although it is just for display and I have no plans to cut with it. :)

Bob, I read how much you love your Vassal, and I'm seriously close to getting one myself. I have had a strange fascination for falchions for many years now, and Albion's is just about the wickedest I've ever seen. I got to handle one last year at the Bristol Ren Faire while visiting the A&A booth (another visitor brought it to show off), and it was wonderful! Perhaps I'll have to get in line to order one. ;)
Hi Chris,

That just might have been "my" Vassal! Was Craig Johnson there that day? If so, yes it was mine! LOL
I left it at the booth with Craig and told him feel free to show my swords, because I had a couple of Arms & Armor swords with me too, including an Irish Sword with a polished tang.


Black grip?
Vassal, etc.
Hey Bob,

Yes, it had a black grip, and was wrapped in a towel. I don't remember seeing Craig, but the booth was very busy. If I'm remembering clearly, I think Chris Poor was there that day. My wife and I spoke with him for quite a long time about the Oakeshott collection he inherited. Yeah, the Vassal was super nice! You've just about convinced me to get one (it'll go nicely with my Oxblood-hilted Vinland!).

Hey, maybe we'll hook up at Bristol this year? We're planning to attend opening day, perhaps both days. :)

P.S. Sorry to go so off topic - Yeah, really looking forward to a review of the Jody katana! There, fixed it! :lol:
Hi Chris, I could have it mixed up between Chris and Craig. I am 99.9 % certain that way my Vassal, it had a sharpened distal edge that used to be the false edge.

I will be there opening day for "starters"!

Yeah! Let's Hook Up!
By all means!


You'll Love the Vassal to No end!
Congrats! I also am awaiting a sword, but it is bronze :D

We look forward to pictures of it!

I'm looking at the box right now. Thanks for sharng in the experience.
Jody sword
Well??? :D

Speechless? Ok, we can wait while you play! :cool:
We expect to see many pictures once you've recovered from your swordgasm.
Ok, I'm reeling. Every purchase of a high quality sword has a honey moon period, so I will try to stay objective. The first thing that jumps out at me is te impressive thickness of the blade. The 5/16ths blade is really impressive. Even when putting a coat of oil on it last night, oiling the spine of the blade took on new meaning. The blade is thick, and very very rigid.

The only ay to describe the blade is as a sculpture. No picture can do it justice. The fullers, and hollow gound blade have an organic beauty that is difficult to capture in words.

I am not a fan of katanas generally, but this sword is in a category allits own. It is nimble and fast, buut feels authoritative. The best way to describe the feeling this sword imparts is that it makes me feel that I could win a fight with it. I have enjoyed my other swords immensely (especially my A&A 12 th century). European longswords feel like a weapon system, half swording, striking with the pommel and crossguard, all really cool and deadly skills one can learn. Unfortunately I have not developed those skills to the point where they feel real, and given the century I am in, there is no need for these skills to feel real.

The Jody Samson katana, feels instinctive. I feel skilled with it, and that is a first. I box, and practice defensive tactics fighting to where I feel I could employ the skills. Even though I am not trained, a knife in my hand feels like it would be deadly in a real world setting.

Do not get me wrong, I dd not get this sword for self defense, but I am trying to convey how its balance, weight and design feel in the hand. Lightning quick, and deadly fast.

It looks like a thick piece of a tree branch, that was magically transformed into steel.

When the rain stops I will post pics and further, hard to describe impressions.

Thanks Mike at Albion, and Jody Samson, a true artist.

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