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Well I have been at the So. Cal. Ren. Faire for 15 years. I have hade many long discussions on arms and armour. I have researched armour for about 5. I am now lookig to buy my first set of 1/2 armour in the Italian stlye.

I need to find someone in or near California, that 1st understands historical armour making, and can deliver what I am looking for, not what they felt like making that day. 2nd, yes cost is always a factor, but this will not be combat armour just to wear for parades, and teaching applications when our group goes to schools and the like.

I have sent emails to abut a dozen companies (names being with held) in the last month and no one has replied to my request for a quote(s). You would think they wanted my mony?

Can anyone recommend a company?[/b]

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I think this thread might help you. However, be prepared to pay a good bit of money if you want custom fitted, US made.
Dan, the munitions half armour you show is of German manufacture, Italian half armours of this period ( sometimes called Pisan) are a bit different in contruct in terms of the length on the tassetts, and often large pauldrons rather than the German type shouldr defense shown ( the shoulder defense shown is attached directly to the gorget, where as pauldrons are larges and buckled to it). Also cabacettes were often worn with Pisan armours rather than burgeonettes. The German harness you show was widely exported but since you specified Italian I though I would make note of the difference.

Second, combat armour or no the material costs will be the same as will the amout of hammer time involved, the exact same techiniques will be used to achieve the shapes irrespective of the thickness of the steel used.

Have you tried Jeffrey Hedgecock at Historic Enterprises? He's north of you but does excellent work.

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