FightDesigner now has a Forum!

Okay, so it's kind of an experiment. I've seen forums fizzle and die when there wasn't demand, and there's plenty of sword and firearm forums out there already. Not a whole lot for stage combat, although more in the way of listservs and groups. Sword Forum has a theatrical swordplay forum, but also a no-gun-discussion policy. This forum is great for the weaponry itself, at least inasmuch as it's early period, but doesn't go as much into use, and most of the members are more interested in martial arts, collecting, or cutting than performance. The SAFD has a bulletin board in its member's only section, but it's pretty rarely used. Same deal with the discussion areas in the various SAFD and IOSP groups on Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, or wherever. A similar lack of activity can be seen on the website forums of one of the people who I stole the idea from, the new SAFD president Geoffrey Kent.

MP40Modelguns was the only place I'd found that had a forum for the discussion of blank firing gun props, but they closed that down last month for some unknown reason. I wasn't the only one sad about that, so when I saw someone else complaining about it, I figured what the heck, I bet it'd be easy enough to set one up.

Well, now we have one.

Still in need of more cosmetic makeover, and I'm sure I'll find more technical issues that arise over time (if it gets used), but if nothing else it'll be a good learning experience, and a more readily skimmed source of information than my industry blog ( , which doesn't allow searchable subject tags, unfortunately). I've started at least some threads, and hope to add more of just the accumulated stuff from this blog and other forums, but I'm also curious to see if and where the interest exists.

I'll probably add a link from Fight Designer LLC later this week. Maybe this can also help augment the FAQs I tried to build into some of the weapons pages there.

Anyway, if people here are interested in another forum that's got more of a stage/film/props orientation, please stop by!

Kevin Inouye