I am pleased to announce the following upcoming seminars at Gallowglass
Academy, outside of Rockford, IL, for students of Historical European Martial Arts. More information can be found at
www.GallowglassAcademy.org or call 815-973-1064.


"The Old Ways"
Workshop in Renaissance Close-Quarter Combat
with Brad Waller

April 26-27, 2008
$100 until April 1 no foolin'!; $150 thereafter & at the door
Lunches included

The weekend would be dedicated to learning the breadth and scope of the
historical martial art that is used by Marozzo and many of the Medieval
and Renaissance Masters of Defence. The foundation of these systems us
often assumed by the manuals thmselves. Our two days together will
exlore this vast and comprehensive relationship -- Marozzo Pressa 1-22,
Durer Counter 1-120. We will give special emphasis to develop a
process to interpet how these techniques work together as a system.
There is more material than I think we can get through in two short
days. We will work hard, move quickly, and most of all have fun in our
celebration together of this art form. I look forward to working with
everybody. --Brad Waller

Safe in the Assault:
A Defensive look at Liechtenauer’s Art
with Josh Little of Ars Gladii

June 21-22, 2008
$100 until May 22; $150 thereafter and at the door
Lunches included

This two-day seminar will examine the old axiom "hit without being
hit," and how Johannes Liechtenauer’s art of the Longsword encompasses
this ideal. Appropriate for beginning and experienced students alike,
this course will work through the fundamentals of Liechtenauer’s
teachings as presented by "Döbringer," Ringeck, and Von Danzig, with
overall emphasis on defensive tactics. We will be examining stance,
movement, timing, strikes, thrusts, and deflections – all with the idea
of "hitting without being hit."

Much more information can be found at www.GallowglassAcademy.org or
call 815-973-1064.