For Sale: Armour Books
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A Distinguished Collection of Ams and Armor
On Permanent Display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History
By Russell E. Belous
189 page

This 1969 edition it loaded with color and black and white photos of the items in this display, weapons and armour from ancient to the end of the 19th century as well as both east and west. In its original card board jacket/box, the box is worn but the book is pretty much in pristine condition. Could only find one on Amazon at $70.00. $25.00 plus shipping takes it.

Arms and Armor in the Art Institute of Chicago
By Walter J. Karcheski Jr.
128 pages

A well known title, this book is full of museum quality pics, all color, and includes weights and dimenstions of all the items shown in the back. The dust jacket has some wear along the top but the book is in good shape. $7.00 plus shipping.

Journal of the Armour Research Society
Volume 1 2005
By, various authors including Tobias Capwell and Simon Metcalf
105 pages

This volume contains five articles on 1) Observations on the armour Depicted on Three Mid 15th century Military Effigies in the Kirk of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen 2)The Armourers of Cologn: Organization and Export Markets of a Foremost Armor-Making Center )1391-1660) 3)The Treatment of Mail on an Arm Guard from the Armoury of Shah Shuja: Ethical Repair and in situ Documentation in Miniature 4) The Glancing Surface and Its Effect on 14th Century Armour 5) The Howard Books, Part II Armour Loans and Lists. The articles on Cologn and glancing surfaces are especially excellent with lots of pics, in the case of the article on glancing surfaces some GREAT close ups of individual elements of armour ala the last three pages of A&A of the Medieval Knight. Have to be a member to get it so not many around. $8.00 plus shipping.

Paypal and credit card accepted. Please PM me with any questions.
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

P.M. sent.

Let me know if they are still available.

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