TV Show: "Weapon Masters"
I just caught an episode of the television show "Weapon Masters" on Discovery Channel focused on the katana. Along with well-known Japanese craftsman was featured Howard Clark. Mike Loades and James Williams were also showcased. Did anyone else catch this show?

I actually did catch most of that. Fell asleep during the "testing" portion, so I missed most of that.

Overall, I'd say it wasn't bad. Though to be honest, almost everything said, short of when they were actually AT Clark's forge, sounded a little fishy.

Their explanation of normalizing really set off my detectors...
I heard about this a couple hours ago but have not yet found any obvious YouTube or Discovery link. I'll keep an eye out for it, but if anyone knows when it airs next (or better yet has a link to it) then I'd be grateful.
I've been waiting for the show to air as I worked with Mike for a day last January shooting a bit for that episode. We were at James Williams dojo in Encinitas, where Mike asked me to bring out a couple of European longswords to demo a couple of typical moves with him, showing that the Europeans had a tradition of martial arts as well as the Japanese. I caught most of the WM episode, but didn't see the bit I did with Mike, so don't think it made it into the show. I'm a tiny bit disappointed, but have worked enough with TV to know editing takes its toll.

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