Nikolskoie, Rus helmet and first inlay made by Thorkil
Hi Guys.

This is replica of XIIIth century half-mask, Rus helmet from Nikolskoie. I have made it lately for very nice Lady in France.

It was hand- forged, as always. Made of 2mm constructional, medium-carbon steel. Then two halves was welded together. You can see the photos of original find at my web-site. More photos available here :
I have another photo of helmet with aventail, if someone would like to see.

And second thing I would like to share with you is my first inlay made on spectacle of my Grermundbu helmet. This time it was inlay of copper. I plan to do this with silver wire, as well.
More photos available here :

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If you were to follow this up saying that you were god and had magical powers, I'd believe you.

Man, that is truly outstanding. I'm not even into armour much, and I'm enthralled with your work!
great as always man, do you have any pictures of the back or inside of the Gjermundbu? how do you raise the little spangens and still manage to keep a tight fit from the inner spangen straps. i would be afraid that my alinement's would be off and the panels would slip.
The Rus helmet looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm guessing the holes are so you can attach a mail camail to it?
BEAUTIFUL work indeed!
Looks wonderful! Could you post the photo of the helm with aventail?
Thank you all for compliments. And sorry for not responding sooner, but I was very busy with making Valsgarde 8 replica.

To all those of you, who are waiting for Valsgarde 8 : I have already made the helmet, but, unfortunately, I am not satisfied as wanted to. I have made too big spectacle. In my opinion the helmet looks great, but for me it's just no longer enough - I need to be as close to original find, as possible. So, I have cut away the spectacle and the new is already added. But now I need to put all decoration, eyebrows and crest again, where it should be. It will take some time.

Hisham : yes, the holes are for aventail.

Dan : I am attaching one photo of Nikolskoie helmet with aventail. Unfortunately, I don't have any photo of Gjermundbu helmet with it.

Chuck : I don't have any photo of the back, neither inside of Gjermundbu, sorry. I just forgot to this and have no opportunity, now, because I don't have any in my workshop. But I can answer your other question.

I always have been making this helmet for reenactors, usually for full contact fight with head shots (in Poland people fight with head shots), so the helmets had to be very strong.
So, for strong fight I make it this way. I am forging 4 panels, then I am welding the 4 parts/panels together. Then, forging 4 outside ribs (those gibbous/raised - I am not sure which word is correct- ribs), then riveting everything together with 4 ribs outside and 3 (1 long and 2 short) straps (flat ribs) inside the helmet. And at the end - the banding. That way, with this construction helmet holds out even very strong danaxe hit and it's practically undisturbed (I am talking about helmet forged by hands with hammers, made of good medium-carbon steel, not of mild steel).

But, construction of original helmet find was a bit different and it was more weaker construction, as far as I know. It was only riveted together (not welded), while the ribs are very narrow.

In near future, I will be making Gjermundbu helmet for myself and I want to make it the same technique, as original find was made. I was studying informations about the helmet for quite long time and it seems that everything is clear and logical for me, now. I want to make it a bit different than everyone makes it. I want to make it that way I think is the most correct. When I finish it, I will show photos of ready helmet, here and maybe some of producing process (I have to think about it ;) ).

I hope I have written it comprehensibly. Please, forgive me my English.[/b]

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