Apart from taking áges to get my personal flintlock trabuco under way I have also spent a lot of looking at scabbards for the thing.
The usc idea with a minimal holster and a muzzle support is one idea and the usual siple folderd&stitched ´western´ scabbard another, neither of which ignite my enthusiasm.
Found one on ebay that I dó like. A LOT


I am not going to abuse an original and will make a replica myself, taking this opportunity to add a steel reïnforced flap to the cinch to fixate the bottom end. An idea I encountered on http://www.militaryhorse.org/studies/mcclella...cation.asp

Anybody expereince with this sort of thing and ideas about which pitfalls to avoid?
I already made two pommel holsters and found a stable support to be critical so can well imagne that a véry much heavier weapon will need quite a stabelised carrier.