The discussion forums here on continue to grow as an asset to this community. We've established a culture of discussion with a high level of valuable information grounded in a respectful atmosphere. The efforts of our readers and our very small moderating team have generally kept this site professional and on track. We're very proud of this and I genuinely believe that this site is quite unique for these very reasons.

Today we're announcing some additions to the forum to allow more efficient moderating and tracking of objectionable posts. Every post now has a new function offering members the ability to submit a Post Report on posts that have content that violates our Rules of Conduct or strays too far outside the level of respect we try to maintain here.

Submitting a Post Report tells our moderators that the post needs attention. With this new feature, moderators can easily view reported posts and track the steps taken to deal with them. Having this record of past reports allows us to stay consistent with our actions and better keep members accountable for their actions. It also gives the members of our site a bit more ability to help maintain what we've built as well as the power to help steer the culture of the site.

Here's how it works:

1) If you feel a post violates our Rules of Conduct, simply click the Report button [ Linked Image ] at the top right of the post

2) On the next page that loads, fill in the form and tell us clearly why you feel the post is inappropriate

3) Propose a suggested course of action to resolve the situation if you desire

4) Hit Submit and you're all done

Your Post Report will not be made public and the author of the post will not know who made the report. It should be noted that this system is intended to be used only for pointing out violations of our rules. Please do not use this reporting system simply to note disagreements with someone's opinions or to inflame old grudges.

We hope this new feature offers encouragement to all members to participate in keeping this site's forum and our community on track and healthy. The Post Report system is now the preferred method of action should you wish to contact a moderator about a particular post.

Thank you!