Does anyone have any info/opinions on this company? I've seen a couple of passing mentions to them. Are the off-the-rack items decently sized? Do they get custom stuff right (not always, from a For Sale post here)? Are the proprtions and sizings workable? Any experience with their delivery times/shipping costs?

They seem to cater to SCA folks, but some of the stuff looks pretty good and decently historical.
I have read quite a few positive reviews on From what I have read, communication is good and delivery is timely.
I have a basinet from them and I like it allot. It seems to be a little on the bulky side but with the thick sewn-in padded liner it provides a very snug fit. It came with a leather attachment for an aventail and built in vervellies. An addition that is really neat are the holes beneath the eye slits so you can have a period looking slit size but still have really good visibility. It also came with a hand worked scalloped chin buckle. I honestly have not found a better helm for under $500. The only problem that I have with it is the fact the visor will not stay up with out being tied back, but it is removable. I got it off a query to their e-bay store and was quoted a 2 month arrived in 6 weeks.
Holes beneath the eye slit are found on period examples. See this from our Spotlight Article on the bascinet:

[ Linked Image ]

Thanks for the info, guys. I appreciate it. :) By the way, what it their Ebay store name?

Anyone else have thoughts on this company and their lineup?
Ebay seller name is steel-mastery_armour
Allen Andrews wrote:
Ebay seller name is steel-mastery_armour

Thanks! I searched by their email address but Ebay wouldn't show me the username for privacy purposes...
I found them by searching for "sca helmet" .... I think they have only one up right now
the address is
I found them, thanks! Once you know the seller name, it's very easy.

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