For Sale: Windlass Longsword & Classic Hoplite, and DT 2
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I'm looking to fund a new camera, so it's time to thin out the armory...

Windlass Longword
When I got this one, I really liked the profile and the triple fullers. What I didn't like was the grip--it looked cheap and lumpy. So I ripped-off the fake leather replaced it with a wire wrap. The grip is now a little better matched to the overall look of the sword. The wire is tight and secured at either end with a bit of JB Weld. I used darkened (cold bluing) twisted wire (18g) for one strand, and untwisted silvered wire (24g) for the other. In polishing, the untwisted strand has taken on a coppery tone.

I stripped the lacquer from the blade and hilt and polished them (good riddance to the "Made in India" mark). I left the hilt furniture a little more coarsely grained and applied a couple of hits of cold bluing to darken the over-bright steel.

The Longsword is all-in-all a nice piece for a Windlass. The weight is not too much and the POB is at the end of the ricasso. The blade is not as sturdy as it should be, but it's certainly not "whippy." I believe it would be classified as a Type XX. The blade is not sharpened and the sword was only used for display. No scratches or rust. Scabbard is included and the steel has been darkened to match the sword hilt.

Overall Length: 47.5"
Blade: 37.5" x 1.875"
Cross: 9.75"
Weight: 3 lbs
Asking: $200 incl. shipping & insurance


Del Tin St. Maurice of Turin
I ordered this one straight from Italy. It was supposed to arrive with a brown grip, but came instead with a black one. So I pulled the leather off and replaced it with a twisted copper strand (22g)--tacked at either end with a discreet bit of JB Weld. Then I stripped the lacquer, straightened-out the polish and applied three hits of cold blueing to the hilt furniture.

This thing is a beast--very solid, fairly blade-heavy. There are no squeaks or rattles in the hilt. The blade is unsharpened. No scratches or rust.

Overall Length: 38.375"
Blade: 32.75" x 2"
Cross: 8.75"
Weight: 3+ lbs
Asking: $300 incl. shipping & insurance


Windlass Classic Hoplite Sword
This is not at all Greek in design or materials, but it is a well-proportioned leaf-blade. I neglected this one for a while and the cross and pommel acquired a light layer of rust. I scrubbed this away and darkened the hilt with several applications of gun blue. I stripped the lacquer and dulled the mirror-brigh blade to a satin finish. The lacquer was very heavy, so these is a bit of schmutz near where the blade meets the hilt.

This sword was tucked away in a corner. I had ideas of etching the blade and hilt, but I have no time these days. The blade is unsharpened--no rust or scratches. The leather grip is a little worn from the exercise of stripping the blade.

Overall Length: 28.25"
Blade: 21.5" x 2.25" (widest section)
Cross: 4.25"
Weight: 2+ lbs
Asking: $100 incl. shipping & insurance


I can be reached via PM or e-mail: jim(AT) I will accept M.O., cashiers check or PayPal. The items will ship--securely boxed--within a day of cleared payment. Larger, additional photos are available.

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CHS detail

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STM detail

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WLS detail

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Sword profiles

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Sword hilts
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

The St. Maurice and the Longsword have been sold. The Hoplite is still available.

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