New book on Japanese swords by R. Benson and D. Brockbank
Hello all,

Robert Benson and Darcy Brockbank, both well-known American students and dealers of Japanese swords (Mr. Benson is an acclaimed polisher), have recently completed their first book in a planned series: Japanese Swords of the Bizen Tradition: Swords in North American Collections: Volume 1. You can read the details at

The Bizen tradition is one of the oldest, most influential, and most visually spectacular of the schools of Japanese sword smithing. The blades featured in this book are mostly rated at the highest levels by the N.B.T.H.K., and the photography was done by Mr. Brockbank whose skill at capturing subtle details rivals experienced professionals in this field.

I'm pointing out this specific release and waxing rhetoric without having seen the book itself for a couple of reasons: Mr. Brockbank's essays on individual swords on his dealer page are beyond informative (go see for yourself at, and I'd love to see Mr. Benson and Mr. Brockbank get the support necessary to complete their series.

I recently ordered my own copy and I'll post my impressions when it comes, but as one of myArmoury's few nihonto advocates I hoped that some of you might find this of interest :D.

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Book main page:
Mr. Robert Benson's website:
Mr. Darcy Brockbank's site:

Did you ever receive this book? I want to buy a copy but would like to read any thoughts from current owners.

I just found This Review.


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