From an email I received this morning from Forth Armoury:

Hi Forth Armoury Fans!

Well, an era has come to a close.

I have taken a new job and moved my family to the Huntsville, Alabama area, and
with the added responsibilites of my new position, raising a family, and
returning to school to obtain another degree or two, I have decided to close
down Forth Armoury.

It has been a lot of work, and a lot of fun. I like to think that I've played a
small part in revolutionizing what passes for "state of the art" for riveted
maille for reenactors around the world. When I started Forth Armoury butted
maille was still the commonly available stuff, and the only riveted maille
looked like it was made from pop-top lids! :)

The technique I developed has now been copied by at least half a dozen armouries
overseas in India, and the product is now generally available from a variety of
sources. From what I've seen, not all of them have gotten the hang of it just yet, but hopefully the quality will continue to improve.

Thank you to all of our loyal and many repeat customers we've had over the

It was always my plan to run Forth Armoury as an "in stock only" business so
that we never took money and left a customer with no product. That is a legacy
we upheld and I'm proud of.

Take care,
Steven Sheldon