Hello everyone,

Due to a number of inquiries from board members on some of the discussion forums I frequent, I have decided to open/expand my polishing services to blades that are made by makers other than myself. Up until this point, I have not offered this option, and had previously decided to focus on my own blades.

I feel that I'm at a point that I'm able to offer this service for customers looking to have their custom blades polished. I will accept blades made by any North American bladesmith, and will accept blades from other sources on a case by case basis.

My current polishing rate of $60/In is based off of the my standard binsui-do finish that I deliver my blades in. I will offer a pro-rated fee for blades that are in a finer finish, but I reserve the right to charge a surcharge for any blades that are damaged, or require major reshaping (chip removal, blades with no sharpened edges, re-profiling, etc.).

More information on my polishing can currently be found here: http://tigerclawforge.net/pricing_info