I am looking for information on period methods for carrying hangers and swords for military and civilian sailors for the period 1680 through 1720 or so. Thus far I have been unable to find any extant historical examples of scabbards and belt frogs or shoulder carriage associated with shipboard use or boarding or landing parties.

I have seen period illustrations of pirates with hangers in scabbards suspended from belts or baldrics , but no illustrations of common sailors. I have seen only one photo of an extant officers scabbard and shoulder carriage, but it dates from the period of the American Revolution.

Are there extant examples of naval baldrics and or belts from this period? Are there extant examples of army issued sword carriages from The War of Spanish Succession?

My asssumption is that if and when when carriages were used by common sailors, that they used frogs similar to those used by soldiers from the same period, since the hangers used were the same as those issued to the various armies of the period.

If anyone has any photos of common sailors' sword carriages, or has other pertainent info about their use, I would appreciate your response.