English Longsword references
Hey everyone,

I've been studying Lichtenauer as far as forms go, and I was curious to try to compare them to some other forms such as English, or maybe another German style. I was wondering if there were any good books on English forms or if I would have to do the digging on my own to find information. Can anyone recommend anything?

There's someone doing a bit of work on the two english sources for Medieval Longsword over at the Schola Gladiatoria forum.

I must point out that these sources don't seem to be entire systems, more floryshes and drills.

Two of the (i think there are three, but am probably mistaken...) manuscripts can be found on the ARMA site.



Hope this helps.
Also, you might want to post on the same subject over in the ARMA forums: http://www.thearma.org/forum/index.php. I know Caspar Bradak has been working with at least on of the mss as well.
I wonder if Stephen Hand will do a book on the English Longsword?

I have both of his books and they are fantastic!
Especially "English Swordsmanship" and his excellent work on the Fight of George Silver. But of course this is not on the longsword.

These guys have something on their website:

Bob Burns wrote:
I wonder if Stephen Hand will do a book on the English Longsword?

Not me Bob, but my colleague Paul Wagner has worked extensively with the early English sources and may publish something on them in the future.


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