Late Viking sword- What type is this?
Just wondering how this sword fits into the typologies. It's described as being 10th or 11th century. Is it a Petersen type X? If it is, what's with the curved guard? Interested in hearing your thoughts.
What a great sword! Ian Pierce wrote an article about it in the "Spring 2004 London Park Lane Arms Fair" catalog. He put it in the late 9th to early 10th century and catagorizes it as type X. If you look at the Petersen typology you'll notice that early type X hilts tended to have guards that sloped towards the blade and often pommels that sloped away such as this one. The sword has an +ULFBERTH+ inscription in pattern welded wire on one side and the typical lattice on the other. It's pretty damn nice. You should try to get the catalog I mentioned as there is also a sword featured from the same workshop, a type L. The sister sword is called the Tullie House sword and I've attached a picture just for fun. Note the similarity in the guards and the style of inlay.

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Tim, these are so great! I will definitely check out that catalog. Sounds like you like them too. Will you be adding one to your already extensive Viking Age collection? :lol:
I had thought about it. I like both sword very much. I have some projects going now but perhaps in the fall. How about you, were you thinking of a repro?
Nope none planned for me. Too much other stuff going on to make one myself and no money to spare to have someone else do it :mad: If you do eventually have one made, please let us know I'd love to see it new.
that sword in question looks ALOT like my 'practical norman' from hanwei except the pommel the pommel of the hanwei sword sems abit pointier.and i think flares back up abit,

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