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Enclosed pictures of a Messer I have circa 1450, found in a river.... Maybe of interest to you. Merry Christmas.

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Thanks for posting those pictures.
The color of the pommel looks a bit greenish and has a different corrosion pattern: is it bronze? That would be interesting.
Re: Sinister beauty
Jean Henri Chandler wrote:
Wow Peter, I don't mean to sound like a fanboy, but that is one mean looking weapon.

I am an unabashed fanboy of Peter's work. Ha! It's all awesome stuff.

Thank you Tony for sharing the pics. I noticed the different corrosion patern too, and then I noticed Peter already mentioned it. Bronze huh... I think that would look pretty neat.
Hello Pete,
Looks like bronze on the picture but all Iron.
Thanks for the pics, Tony.

Any idea of dimensions and find place (if that's not asking too much - that'd be really appreciated here) :) ?

Yep, Peter, sometimes pics look greenish, but that's just a side effect of strange lighting.

Maybe this will interest you: http://forums.swordforum.com/showthread.php?t=56047

Though the thread is mainly about the messers' smaller cousin; the bauernwehr/rugger - there are also some refrences to the messer.

I think Lutel might have had one or two, if I remember correctly.
Tony G. wrote:
Hello Pete,
Looks like bronze on the picture but all Iron.

Thanks for the photo Tony, I'm particularly interested in the tangs of these weapons......

OK Fab,
The messer was found in Germany, Complete lenth = 27" , Grip to of pommel = 6.70"
Widest part of blade = 2" Has six holes to attatch grip. This is a nasty weapon but the balance and size would make it I`m sure winner in battle. Hope this is of help.
This might be interesting as well: http://forums.swordforum.com/showthread.php?t=74668

Re: Messers
W. Stilleborn wrote:

I actually sent em a mail about the messer just 5min ago. That one looks nice, but its hard to tell from a picture how well its really made.
Ive also really gotten smitten by this sort of hilt; http://www.olofsgillet.org/marsch/images/_MG_1659.jpg - and im trying to locate the original that has this type of hilt.


That messer is so good lookin', it almost hurts!

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