The New Server is Live
We're currently sitting on a new server and it's a hell of a lot better than the old one. Time will tell if it's stable. It better be.

There are many things that I have not yet migrated over. There are other things that I've not yet configured to work over here. And there are a rew things that are just plain broke.

I've been on this for many hours straight and we're in pretty solid shape right now but there is more to do. Please be patient and if you find anything broken still by the end of the week, feel free to write me a note. Until then, please know that I'm likely aware of the issues and if I'm not, I likely have a long list of things already on my plate.

The phoenix rises! :cool: Thanks for all you're hard work, Nathan.
Nice work, Nathan ..... many thanks ! Mac
Thanks, Mac. it's bedtime now. 8am-3am is a long day. :)

Thank for all the work: Hope you can sleep in all day to recover.

At my old job I would occasionally do a 24 hour + to finish some graphics or special effects for a video production that had to be sent A.S.A.P. to our other studio in Toronto.

There is something fun in a masochistic sort of way in burning the midnight oil once in a while: It helped a lot that the work was creative and that the rendering on the computer of effects was very slow and gave me a chance to sleep in my workchair. This was a few years ago when P.C.s were 10 time slower and memory capacity of a hard drive of one GIG was huge. ( Working with Photoshop and After Effects software to do animation & effects in corporate video production. )

Oh, well a bit nostalgic about the old job: Making instant soup in the office microwave and watching cable T.V. while waiting for the rendering to finish. ( Alternate to sleeping. )

Oh, being able to sleep sitting up at a workstation is always a good survival skill. :p :lol:
Thomas McDonald wrote:
Nice work, Nathan ..... many thanks ! Mac

I'll second that.
Thanks for the great job you are doing.
Great job Nathan! What you do with this site is fantastic. Keep it up! As Mac said "Many thanks!"
I am just getting back here after a few late nights, myself. Thanks for all of your hard work, Nathan.
Yeah... thanks. You do a great service to all of us :)
I also wish to extend my thanks for all your hard work.
Thanks for all your work! I appreciate it!
The first box they put us on was a brand-new machine. We were there all alone to roam and cause havoc as we pleased. But it had a hardware problem and would crash periodically. The other night our site was down for 4 hours. That's not good. They've now moved us to a new machine so I hope this means some stability for us all. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I've been working hard here behind the scenes to get this all working smoothly.

Since I know almost nothing about these server / host machines I assume that there is some heavy duty backup or multiple backups of the content should a machine decide to selfdestruct ? Even more so when transitioning from machine to machine.

Not, worried as you know what you are doing. :D Just curious how all this works in general outline. :?:

Oh, and thanks again for all the work involved. :cool:
Yeah. There's two live copies (mirrored) of the site at the data center and they have backups, both on and off site. I also have my own backups that I keep.. If something bad happens, we'll likely like a few hours to a couple days of content, but nothing horrible.

It's kind of neat. When they moved us from one machine to another, it took all of three (3) minutes to do it. That's a lot of data to move and setup so quickly. Pretty cool, this automated stuff.
We seem pretty solid now.
Nathan Robinson wrote:
We seem pretty solid now.

For to be this forum, Sharp and BATTLE READY :cool:

do you have any fun facts about the server, like how much it can handle and stuff. :)
Just an update to say, once again, that we've moved to a new server. Thanks to many gracious donations from the members of this site, we're paid in full for an entire year. So far, we've been on three different boxes due to hardware issues, apparently, on the first two that caused random crashes. I am not entirely sure when things will become completely stable, but when the system is up (ahem) then it's a lot more stable than it was before. gets a ton of traffic, has a huge database backend, and does a lot of database-related things. All these things utilize a good amount of server resources, so we need a good server on which to sit.

Thanks everybody.

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