so, as the title goes.
the 1560 (and to a lesser extent the 1470 project.
is a attempt to compile examples of armoured and elite warriors around the world in thesame time space.

one example of this project being done is a post seen on facebook of musketeers all from around 1600 from europe, the ottoman empire, persia, and japan, and ive seen similar with someone dressed as a japanese , korean, ming, and spanish musketeer/ arquebusier.

similarly, one thing thats always curious to see how various kingdoms and groups are arming themselves for war

for example: to compare the wars of the late sengoku jidai and the wars of religion in europe are curious since both sides infantry turn into pike and shot warfare, with japan being unique in that bows remained a part of the army for much longer.

but on the other side, to compare a armoure d samurai to his contemporary in europe, bot on foot or on horse.. is a striking difference in the level of armour.

then thers the ottomans. whose heaviest men would likely be some of the cavalry, armoured in plated mail, with bow and lance and palash or kilij, maybe axes and maces.

then theres ming china,
the mongols and jurchens.
and joseon korea.
and safavid persia
and great zimbabwe,
and ethiopia
and mali
and also vietnam, ayuthaya, the sultanate of malacca,

and even in europe, weve got the muscovites, weve got ireland.

thats not even counting rebel holdouts of the inca empire and the various nations and groups in north america.

but lets start with the easier ones
'western europe i.e pike and shot armies
the ottomans,
MIng china
Safavid persia

as for the 1470 project.. this is a similar deal but, almost entirely based around watching the metatrons channel, him owning a 1470s italian plate and some japanese tosei gusoku.

and i had to wonder, given, as i understand, by the 1470s, i dont think the tosei gusoku was in use, but i cant quite pin down what they had in use, even after reading the article in features