Book Suggestions For the Napoleonic Wars
As is tradition, I have a new historical itch that needs scratching. What are y'all's recommendations for books covering the Napoleonic Wars?
I'm specifically looking for surveys of the conflicts, and then I'll work my way into more detailed histories later. A good 300 or 400 pages covering the wars on land and sea would be good!

Thanks for any advice!
Napoleonic Wars
The most impressive book on the military aspects of the Napoleonic Wars, is, I believe, "The Campaigns of Napoleon" by David Chandler. It was published in the 1970's, but based on reviews it is considered THE book on the subject. I remember seeing it on bookstore shelves when it was new, but I will confess, I was somewhat daunted by its "War and Peace" length. Even now, there is something very impressive about that book. It is available in Good, Second Hand condition, on Ebay for between 50 and 75 dollars. You can get it in deluxe Easton Press 2 vol. leather edition in brand new condition, for about 175. It has been called "The Bible" on Napoleon's battles. So, there it is. I would look into that one if I was very interested in Napoleon.

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