Fantasy sword request
Asking for an acquaintance.

Looking for a sword smith who will make a fantasy sword.

Someone I know wants a steel Sting sword from the Hobbit movie. It's only about 23 inches long.

The movies reproductions on the market are made from stainless steel. He wants a real sword.

He is willing to pay a few hundred dollars U.S.

Anyone here interested in such a commission?
There may be some custom makers out there who might take on the project but I think it would cost a lot more than a few hundred dollars?

But A&A does take custom orders in addition to their regular line of products, they do on request custom modifications to their own product line and also will make most anything you want, within reason, for a price.

Now, for a fantasy piece that is designed to be realistically functional with good handling etc .... They could do that.

Not sure if for some wild impractical design, but what you mention your friend wanting as similar to the Sting I think that they could do that with some aesthetic design changes to not get into some copyright infringement issues ?

In any case I wanted to " BUMP " your Topic so that others would see it and maybe give other suggestions.

Oh, there is also Tod of Tod's Workshop that does custom work, but again this can cost more than a few hundred dollars.

These are useable production repros; affordable repros. It strongly depends on what your budget and time frame are. A high end smith would be around 800 to 1000 USD for such a sword at least, surely more if a lot of engraving has to be performed.
A quite honorable, skilled and reliable smith is Purna Darnal (Great Gurkha Khukuri); he has taken the challenge of smithing a lot of western style swords such as Kopis, Gladii and fantasy weapons. Can be contacted via Facebook.

Here is a quick collection:

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