Man, I love this forum so much.
Once upon a time I posted on this site daily, and I don't post much anymore. I am primarily on an iPhone rather than a computer nowadays, and this site was designed in an era before modern social media, which has led me to log in less and less over the years.

And yet, I am on this site every. Single. Day. It has the best discussions ANYWHERE on the internet for this hobby. While it doesn't have the photo-sharing accessibility as something like Instagram or Facebook, in some ways that's a blessing and not a curse -- Since there aren't thousands of people CONSTANTLY sharing the first thing that catches their eye every ten seconds, content tends to be much more thoughtful here. People tend to post context when they share a link or a photo, unlike places like Pinterest where people share without thinking.

And scabbards, man... I've started making scabbards pretty seriously, and there's NO place on the internet with the depth of discussion about historical methods and aesthetics as this site. I reread and reread threads from a decade ago that have more value than the vast majority of "how-to" YouTube video or random person's online gallery.

So I'm going to try to make a bigger effort to contribute more again. I think it's the least I can do with how much I've gained from this site over the many, many years.
Great to see you around again. :) Like you, I love this place and I'm here far too often. I know forums aren't the most high-tech or mobile-friendly things compared to other online media, but there's so much info here and so many cool people to discuss it with.

There have been so many occasions where I've Googled something medieval-related and have been directed here to threads I'd forgotten about. That stuff has been way better than the other search results that came up.

I don't know that we'll ever get back to publishing reviews and articles every 2 weeks (remember when we did that? :) ), but I often think about how to revitalize things here and get more discussions going. We have some great threads active right now; I'd love to see that number increase.

Maybe someday I'll ask for volunteers to help me brainstorm. :)
By the way, I love the scabbard and other crafts you've been doing during the pandemic. :) Great stuff!
This site.
I have been a member here for at least five years. The first thing I noticed is, this site is populated by some really serious people, "serious," as in scholarly. Sometimes, they even go deeper and more comprehensive than I would like, but that is far better than the opposite, which would be slap dash and superficial. Now that I am retired, I log on here nearly every day. I am being honest when I say, I do not know what an I-phone even is. My best guess, some kind of nifty new technology in a portable telephone. I am not curious at all about it. Zero. I am confident and feel safe with my laptop which serves me very well. I try to contribute by posting here when I have something to offer, but I am more often a student on these posts than a pedagogue. In closing, it is a super site and we would be much worse off for it if we didn't have it.

This place is the best. Great discussion, and great people.

Chad, I'd love to be involved in your brainstorm if you decide to do it at some point and need an extra man. I'm no forum professional, but I would love to help if I can and enjoy creative discussion.
Chad Arnow wrote:
I don't know that we'll ever get back to publishing reviews and articles every 2 weeks (remember when we did that? :)

The good old days! :) I miss those days! And, no, that wasnít me committing to writing anything! :)
I joined a dozen or so years ago and this was one of the places I've learned the most. I log in at least once a day to see what's going on but, like many, I spend much of my social media time on other platforms where I act as Admin or Mod for various groups covering both weapons and other interests. I often refer people here and cite or post links to individual posts or features - the Oakeshott article has been linked by me more times than I can remember.

One of the things about this place is that, maybe because it takes a little more effort to post and comment, discussions tend to be actual discussions and there isn't nearly the amount of arseholishness you see on FB (not that that has NEVER happened ;) ).

One of the things I find a little sad about the site is that many people, some of whom are gone, or at least not active, used the shortcut of posting picture links rather than actual pictures in their posts, and so many of these have been broken. A big part of that choice likely had something to do with the underlying site architecture that makes posting photos a little bit of a PITA sometimes, but that was the tech and that is what we have.

Hope to be able to come here for many years into the future.
The big advantage of a site like this over social media is that information STAYS PUT. Something that was posted years ago is still easy to access. Some of the articles on here get referenced more than those on academic sites. The fact that myArmoury has been around for so long (I think it is 18 years and counting) is because of Nathan's dedication.
I agree with Bill that I also don't contribute as many postings as I used to, although I still check in almost every day to read new content.

A site like this is now almost old technology but the level of quality content hasn't been surpassed by the more trendy online stuff.

Not sure how this site can improve it's viewership ? One idea that might be difficult to pull off would be an associated linked Youtube channel, but that would mean having to make and produce Youtube videos which is very time consuming.

I have no idea if this suggestion would be practical: Some association with an already established Youtube video maker who could link to this site and produce video specific to what has been discussed in Forum Topic and who could make a related video with a link to the Forum post ? Also, a Youtuber where people could send to the Youtuber's site relevant videos that they can make that the Youtuber can feature, and also comment on ?

Both the Youtuber(s) site(s) and " myArmoury " could form a symbiotic relationship that would help both to grow ?

Just me, but I'm thinking of sites like Skallagrim, Scholagladiatoria or others that could form some sort of formal or informal partnership ? I have no idea if Nathan would like the idea or not, or if the mentioned Youtube channel(s) would want to do this, I'm just throwing out an idea as a trial balloon.
What kind of leather did you use for the belt on your Marginala scabbard?
Harry Marinakis wrote:
What kind of leather did you use for the belt on your Marginala scabbard?

Elk skin. Itís much more ďcloth-likeĒ, like what we see in many period statues. Hereís a comparison with the sword of Infante Fernando de la Cerda from Oakeshottís Records as well as a scabbard from a statue I saw in a cathedral in Naumberg many years ago. It isnít a replica of either belt, but rather just to show these much thinner belts that donít seem to be represented very often in modern reproductions.

 Attachment: 46.19 KB

I used to have a sword with an elkskin belt on the scabbard. It works well for these kind of belts.

[ Linked Image ]
I did a Naumberg repro, used a chamois-like Latigo. But I ran out and need a new supply. Please PM me with more details about how you like that leather and where you got it. Does it stretch?

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]
I don't post much either. In fact my serious collecting days are behind me, but that's
another story all together. BUT there is NOT a day that goes by that I don't stop in
here and see what's going on. Whose making what or selling what. I may not log
in, but I think this place is the # 1 spot for this hobby, industry, history ... etc etc

Good job keeping it going, gentlemen-who-are-responsible ... B-)
Feels like home. :)

Nothing against the other sites, but this one suits my academic taste better. One also notices that the makers are also fond of this site. I haven't had time lately to post as much as I used to, but have a couple of informal sword reviews in backlog for the summer.

Victor R. wrote:
One of the things about this place is that, maybe because it takes a little more effort to post and comment, discussions tend to be actual discussions and there isn't nearly the amount of arseholishness you see on FB (not that that has NEVER happened ;) ).
Rebuilding sites to make them more 'mobile-friendly' often makes them laptop-unfriendly, and changes the culture. There is only so much anyone can do to influence the culture on giant corporate sites that mash different interests and subcultures together. Some things you don't want to be part of your community are allowed, and some things you do want to be part are allowed, and asking a multi-billion-dollar company to change its policies or site design for a little geeky community is like bailing the Titanic with a teaspoon.
Personally I much prefer the forum platform to other types of social media for any serious discussion. As stated above, it's really difficult to find older information on other platforms. They also lack clear organization, the rules can change will-nilly, and the discussion layout just wasn't designed for long conversations. I'm on the SBG facebook, as well as a couple other groups, but the forums are still my go-to for arms and armor discussion.

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