Feedback requested -- Albion Alexandria vs. A&A Leeds
Hello smart people... I'd love to add a big Oakeshott XVIIIc to my collection but am having trouble deciding between Albion's Alexandria and Arms & Armor's Leeds version.

Thoughts? Has anyone handled both?

Have you seen this review of the Leeds Castle sword by Phil Martin?

That is on the prototype A&A did for their regular run and so it should be pretty close to the Leeds. I don't think many people have had a chance to handle both the Alexandria and the Leeds Castle.

Looking at the specs, the Leeds is three inches longer in the blade and about 6 oz lighter overall. This should reflect even more distal taper and it likely has more flex than the Alexandria. That would be a very different thing between the two.

Another important comparison would be the length of the hilt, whether one is much longer or tapered than the other. It's hard to tell from the website. However that is likely a bit more on the personal handling side of the spectrum.

I do like the Alexandria grip better, but A&A would almost certainly do a custom grip. The pommels do not look very different in size or shape besides the obvious hollow difference of Type 2 versus the Leeds Type 1. I don't think that would affect handling.

Personally I plan to get the Leeds Castle sword at some point since I already have Albion's Principe. The XVIIIc is a really cool type, surprisingly nimble for its width and size. It feels awesome to hold.

If I do get a Leeds, I'll try a comparison with the Principe. I have handled the Alexandria briefly at the Albion booth at a sword show, and it is great, but I'm one of those who liked the Principe hilt better.

But if you get a chance to handle both, or you get one or the other, please let us know your thoughts!
Thanks for the review link! I hadn't seen that before.
Update: I'm going with the Leeds Castle. Just talked to Craig at Arms and Armor today. Can't wait.

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