Armor from Polish Effigies
Happy Weekend, All!

I'm starting to consider putting together my own harness. Like...perhaps in a decade. I'm 36, so I figure I could get at least a few good fighting years out of it and just fun living history after that.

I know it's not a common area to go after, but because of my Polish heritage I would love to attempt putting together a 14th or early 15th century harness appropriate to that area. I am familiar with (the fantastic) Acta Militaria journal recommended by members on this forum, but I have been trying to use the effigies and brasses site as a reference as well. However, much of the time their torso is covered by cloth, and usually helmets don't appear.

Any help with: A) identifying pieces in these effigies more accurately, or B) Other sources for this type of information would be extremely useful. Here are some examples:
I'm guessing that most of these are a coat of plates of some kind but covered with another layer of cloth. A couple examples may even by the "Visby" type, given the retention chains, but others appear to be the "globos" style coat of plates/ Corazzina.

It's hard to see specifics on some of the limbs, I'm guessing most of the pieces are floating rather than articulated? Hard to see if there's any kind of pauldron/spalder or anything too. Darn capes!
Lots of Silesian examples there. My mother's family originated from there, though of German ethnicity rather than Polish. I'd like to visit it some day.
Heeeey I originally come from Northern Indiana as well!

I've decided to go with Italian armor from late 14th century instead, because I mostly study Fiore. However, that choice was partially made because once you get out of the retention chains era, it's pretty similar with close fitting jupons/armor tunics and whatnot. It seems like they were just a few years (up to a decade or so?) behind what central Europe was doing with armor, and even then not in all cases.

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