Hello all,

So I have been out of the replica game for a while, focussing on buying antiques. I have been surprised by some of the developments as of late.

This was the most surprising of all: https://www.english-heritageshop.org.uk/collectables/suit-of-gothic-armour-with-stand

This "Suit of Gothic Armour" for sale on English Heritage comes in at just under a thousand pounds, it is not perfect, and no where near great... but that is shockingly cheap. It reminds me of the German Gothic half-armour that MRL used to sell in the mid 00s, which was surprisingly nice for the price.. but was several thousand if I recall.

The lines on this suit look poor in the display, but look like they might not actually be so bad when worn. It looks like an ideal candidate for someone looking to purchase a full suit of armour and modify it themselves. I would think the pieces could be re-shaped, bent, re-leathered/hinged, adjusted.. and it might give someone a good starter armour (dodgy pieces like helmets or gauntlets selectively replaced by higher end pieces). It looks far better then the old GDFB suits people used to cobble together for a bit more money, and I think would be a good suit of armour for someone like Sean Flynt or Julian M, who are both really good at modifying these pre-fabricated pieces into really nice items.

I dont have any experience with this suit in person, just thought I would give everyone a heads up!

All the best,