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Hello I'm also new to this website, well ive been reading stuff thats been posted here every couple years on and off relating to lutel handicraft but ive only made an account now after seeing lutel is shutting down. I was hoping I could get a message to the former owner of lutel handicraft. i tried to send an email but that failed to go through. Could you help me Mr Mirek Macek?
I also wanted to ask if anyone on this website has or knows someone with a lutel falchion 11008A available for purchase?
Back in the days of dial up I was 8 or 9 years old and I would look at that sword on the lutel website and say to myself when I was grown and had my own money I would buy that falchion, it stuck with me for the last 15 years. Well now Im 23, and have a job and i went looking for the lutel website only to find this thread the other day. Albsolutly heart broken to see lutel is shutting down. spent alot of time browsing it as a kid and during my teen years, drawing original characters and stuff with swords modeled off those I saw on lutel handicraft.
If anyone could help me out that would be swell.
Boy, I'm relieved to see my name on that list. I feared I spent 400€ for nothing.

Regarding Lutel itself, it's a damn shame that they have to close their shop. They sure offered some nice looking pieces.

Also a big thank you to you Mirek for contacting Mr. Jatel about the orders.
If anyone has a question about his order or a question connected with Lutel-Handicraft send me PM or contact at me at my e-mail miroslav.macek72@seznam.cz. Mr. Jatel has mentioned that he's got some spare blades, especially hand-and-a-half ones. According to his statement he is able to accept an order if a spare blade is in his storage. I don’t know if there is any “falchion’s blade”.
Re: Lutel Handicraft ghosting me
My neighbor, Mr. Jatel, the owner of Lutel, asked me for help. Mr. Jatel does not have a computer and does not communicate in English. Lutel officially ceased operations in November 2019. Customer service has not been operational since May 2019. I am a volunteer, I have never been a Lutel employee. I'm trying to help Mr. Jatel with customer service. Unfortunately, some customers do not trust me. The situation is really complicated. At the moment the sale of last stock continues. It's the last chance to get a quality weapon. If you have already paid during 2019 and did not receive your product, please email me. I'll try to help you. If you are still interested in the weapon, write to me. If it is in stock, it can be produced. If you don't believe me, please don't write to me. I have no time to address these unnecessary questions. Mr. Miroslav Macek, who wrote here in front of me, is also helping Mr. Jatel. My communication with Mr. Jatel may be faster because he's my neighbor. I keep in touch with him every day.Thank you for understanding.
Vladimír Skuta
Good Day,

Yesterday I received my sword which I ordered back in 2019.

Mr. Skuta send me an email last Monday, telling me that my package has been sent. So if anyone has any doubts about him, I can assure you that he's a trustworthy person who helps Mr. Jatel.

I hope that clears up any doubts that some people may have.
I received my sword today (my name was on the list). I hope everyone's story ends as happily as mine.
Thank you Mirek Macek for your work, the information in this thread made the wait much more tolerable.

P.S. tracking code for the parcel came from Vladimír Škuta, he is legit.
Thank you everyone who is helping out with this.
Today I recieved my piece from Mr. Jatel! I am so glad that everything worked out. It was a relief.
Mr. Škuta
I wanted to point out that Mr. Škuta is really helpful btw. and all information he passed on to me were correct. (just to clarify that he's trustworthy.)

And also thanks to Mirek since he also helped me with contacting Mr. Jatel before Vladimir started helping me out.

Thank you two.
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