I would like to re-introduce myself
Hello myArmoury Community,

I know it has been what, 7 plus years that we sold Legacy Arms/ Gen2 and Imperial Weapons. It has been that time or more since I have posted here.

I am honored to be back in the Handmade Knife and Sword business again. And HONORED to be back here with the myArmoury community.

We are right nowsmall. Starting up slowly. And will not focus on the large blades. Mainly the Handmade Ironwood Bokkens, The Bowie Knives, Seaxe Knives, Squin Dubhs and some popular sword Swords like the Roman Maintz.

I wanted to take this time here and re-introduce us again. Hello! I am Clyde Hollis. It has been a while since I have been with you.

We are Kingdom of Arms. www.kingdomofarms.com

I have a new manufacturer in the PH and they do an excellent job on tempering.

Here is a sampling of what we have and these prototypes are for sale. Note: The Musso Bowie knife is close. There will be some minor changes. But it is a one of a kind prototype and I know many people love those.




Please leave feedback.

Thank you,

Clyde Hollis

Kingdom of Arms
Slightly Revised Musso Bowie Knife nearly complete
I wanted to keep everyone informed that the revised Musso Bowie is nearly complete.

The only revision is the Star on the quillons. This is to make it more like the original.

I will post an updated picture on our www.kingdomofarms.com site and link it here.

I will look forward to seeing what everyone thinks.

Also, I have a Roman Mainz Gladius being made and will come in at the same time. Can't wait! And yes will have pictures! :)

Thank you,

Clyde A Hollis
Kingdom of Arms
It has been a while. I have had a full time job that has worked me 60 to 75 hours a week, but I still have been working in the background.
So please check out our website. www.kingdomofarms.com. I have updated the site, and yes, for this first order I have lowered the prices. Only for this first order. This will be in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Many new item. Ie. The Pompeii, The Celtic Battle Sword, the Late Crusader Sword and the Crecy.

gladius-sword" target="_blank">https://www.kingdomofarms.com/collections/celtic-and-roman-weapons/products/pompeii-gladius-sword

Order ahead of time to get the reduced prices!!!

Clyde Hollis
Hello Clyde,

I was just curious to ask if you were an importer for Traditional Filipino Weapons? Some of your products look remarkably similar!
Michael Beeching wrote:
Hello Clyde,

I was just curious to ask if you were an importer for Traditional Filipino Weapons? Some of your products look remarkably similar!

Hello Michael,

Our manufacturer is in the Philippines, but not the same as I had before. That being said. All Filipino manufacturers produce the Filipino weapons. But, I choose not to have them made. I may in the future. Just not now.

Thank you for asking.


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